Outgoing transfers to external card Mastercard® and VISA® cards

This summer we launched a new service – Money transfers to external card.

Thanks to the new service, all ePayService customers now have the ability to send money to Mastercard® or VISA® bank cards issued by any bank, anytime.

If you haven’t used this service yet, we suggest you try it out.

Statistics of withdrawal of funds to Visa/MasterCard issued by European banks

Any bank, any country

The transfer can be sent to a Mastercard® or VISA® card issued in any currency, by any bank.

To your own or someone else’s name

To send a transfer it is enough to indicate the card number and the amount. The cardholder can be a third-party individual.


For making transfers there are internal networks of Mastercard® and VISA®, so in most cases payments are credited to cards almost instantly.

Currency exchange at the rate of the issuing bank

The funds are credited in the card’s currency at the rate of the issuing bank. Or even with no currency exchange, if the beneficiary card is in USD or EUR.

Payments to partners and employees

Transfers to external cards are a convenient tool for arranging payments to partners and employees.

Mass Payouts

Transfers to external cards can be carried out, including through a service of Mass Payments. In addition, to automate your payments, you can use our ePayService Partners API.

Affiliate Payments

The ePayService Affiliate Program applies to “Money Transfers to external card”. For each of these transactions made by a client registered with your referral link, you will be awarded a fee up to 33% of the service commission.

Join our Affiliate Program easily! Apply in the “Affiliate Program” tab in your account.

You need to send money to external card, but have questions? Contact us via Live Chat, email or via internal ticket system.

With respect to you and your business,

ePayService Team