ePayService stops sending Wire Transfers to personal bank accounts of individuals in USD currency

Dear Customers,

Please kindly be informed that starting from August 1st 2017, the ePayService will stop sending Wire Transfers to personal bank accounts of individuals in USD currency. These changes will not affect Wire Transfers in USD to companies bank accounts, Wire Transfers and SEPA to personal bank accounts of individuals in EUR currency and money transfers within the USA – ACH & DirectDeposit.

As an alternative to wire transfers in USD to personal bank accounts, the following services are available for our customers:

1. ePayService Mastercard® card

The ePayService card allows you to withdraw funds from around the world at ATMs connected to the Mastercard® payment system, as well as purchase in any currencies supported by the Mastercard®. Remember that the basic currencies of ePayService cards are USD and EUR, so when making transactions in currencies other than USD and EUR, conversion is made at the rate of the Mastercard®. ePayService MasterCard cards are issued absolutely free of charge.

2. Money transfers to Mastercard® and VISA® bank cards

Transfers to third-party bank cards are available to all countries of the world where Mastercard® and VISA® payment systems are present. The funds will be credited to the card in the card’s currency. Remember that transfers are sent in USD and EUR, so when transferring to Mastercard® and VISA® cards in currencies other than USD and EUR, funds are credited at the rate of the issuing bank at the time of receipt of funds. To receive a transfer in USD, it is necessary that the base currency of the beneficiary’s card is USD.

3. Cash remittance (this service is currently under public testing*)

To receive an ePayService Cash Remittance, there is no need to open a bank account – the funds will be received by presenting a passport in one of the branches of the partner network in your city. Cash remittance transfers arrive at the issuance point in USD currency. While receiving funds, if necessary, you can independently change currency into any other currency available at the branch office.

4. Bank transfers in local currencies

These transfers are made to 25 countries through an extensive network of payment providers. All transfers of this type are internal within the receiving country and are received in the beneficiary’s bank account in local currency.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Remaining at your disposal,

ePayService Support Team