NEW: ePayService Cash Remittance. Public testing

Dear clients and partners,

Public testing of our new service, ePayService Cash Remittance, is now open!

New service offers some significant advantages over traditional Wire Transfers via SWIFT:

1. Your beneficiary won’t need a bank account – transfer via ePayService Cash Remittance will be cashed upon presentation of passport at one of our partner’s branches located in your city.

2. Transfer will take from 1 to 48 hours since now intermediate banks are involved.

3. With ePayService Cash Remittance you can transfer money to 14 countries worldwide. We are currently working on addition of another 30 countries to this list.

4. ePayService Cash Remittance fee is 1% + 30 USD – much lower than Wire Transfer fee. Moreover, for transfers up to 500 USD you will pay 1% + 15 USD only.

5. ePayService Cash Remittance transfer can be made in favour of third party.

6. Unlike Bank Transfers in Local Currencies, new service gives beneficiary an option to receive cash payment in USD.

Public Testing will run from 5 to 28 of July. Please find a list of countries available for ePayService Cash Remittance (this list will continue to extend):

• Azerbaijan
• Belarus
• Colombia
• Ecuador
• Georgia
• Israel
• Kazakhstan
• Kyrgyzstan
• Moldova
• Panama
• Peru
• Russian Federation
• Turkey
• Ukraine

ePayService Cash Remittance transfers will be processed according to bank transfer standard procedure.

Exact fee amount for each country will be displayed while you fill the transfer form.