Processing of checks issued on the name of individuals and entities is temporary suspended

Please kindly be informed that, due to the technical issues on the side of our US check-processing service provider, as from 21 June 2017 we will not be accepting checks issued on the name of individuals and entities, inclusive of checks submitted through iCheck service.

The above temporary restriction doesn’t apply to the checks issued on our company’s name (MTACC Inc.), they will be processed as usual.

Checks received at our US office as well as checks submitted through iCheck before and on 20 June 2017 will be processed normally.

We are currently looking for an alternative solution and we will be issuing another newsletter to inform you on resuming of check acceptance process.


Q.: I have recently posted you a signed check, however, it has yet to arrive. What will happen with that check?
A.: Unfortunately, the processing of such check will be pending until an alternative solution is found

Q.: I’ve completed iCheck submission and posted the original. What will happen with that check?
A.: All the checks accepted through iCheck and awaiting for receipt of original will be credited normally once the originals arrive.

Q.: I’ve already signed my check. What can I do?
A.: You can either wait for resuming of check processing (please kindly consider check’s expiry date) or you can ask your Payer to reissue the check and cash it in the bank providing such services

Q.: My check has already been assigned a payment date. Will I be getting the payment?
A.: Please kindly contact us via your profile (here should be the link) in order to determine your check’s status.

We sincerely apologize for inconvenience caused.

Remaining at your disposal,
ePayService Support Team