New service: Bank Deposit in local currency. Open testing

Dear clients and partners,

We are pleased to commence a process of open testing for a brand-new service – Bank Deposit in local currency.

Below we have listed some significant advantages of the new type of transfer over traditional wire transfers via SWIFT:

1. Once made in local currency, the payment will be considered as domestic and processed by local providers, therefore, beneficiary of such payment is not required to have an account in foreign currency.

2. The payment will be submitted within 1 to 48 hours due to the fact, that no correspondent banking is involved.

3. Using domestic payments service you can transfer funds to legal entities and individuals (including third party individuals) located in 15 countries listed below. While testing progresses, more countries will be included in the list.

4. Domestic payment processing fee is lower than wire transfer fee for payments in EUR and USD. It varies from USD 20 to USD 40 depending on the country.

Open testing will be held from 1st of March till 1st of April. Please kindly find the list of the countries accepting local currency payments below (more countries will soon be included):

• Brazil (BRL)

• Bulgaria (BGN)

• Canada (CDA)

• China (USD)

• Columbia (COP)

• India (INR)

• Japan (JPY)

• Malaysia (MYR)

• Philippines (PHP)

• Poland (PLN)

• Romania (RON)

• Russia (RUB)

• Thailand (THB)

• UK (GBP)

• Vietnam (VND)

Operators process payments to bank accounts in local currencies under the standard terms of bank transfers processing.

The exact fee amount for transfer to a particular country will be displayed, while you are filling the transfer form.