First stage of EU integration!

Dear Clients and Partners,

We are glad to announce that the ePayService payment system has started the first stage of its integration into the European market. Over the past 6 years of hard work we have built the bridge between the US and CIS countries in the field of international payments. We haven’t paid due attention to the European region though, so now we are going to change this for the better. Working within the frames of the European region will help us enhance the quality of our services and reduce the costs of international financial operations.

ePayService broadens the geography for your business online!

Therefore, from August 19, 2013 we introduce the new banking details for US bank transfers (ACH/DirectDeposit) and international money transfers (Wire Transfer) in USD and EUR.

We strongly suggest that you use the new details information for Wire Transfers and ACH/DirectDeposit from now on.

The new payment details will allow us to accept bank transfers in EUR with no further conversion required. In addition, it allows for faster US transfers recognition which will significantly reduce the number of unidentified payments.

The new payment details are available in your Online.ePayService account.

We would like to draw your attention that the banking details for ACH/DirectDeposit and international transfers in USD and EUR are different from now on.

Best regards,
ePayService Team