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The transfers to third-party MasterCard® cards service is currently unavailable

Due to technical problems on the side of our service provider, the service of outgoing transfers to third-party MasterCard® cards is currently unavailable.

The timing of the resumption of the service is currently being specified.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused,

Yours faithfully,

the ePayService Team

New date of restoring the card load option for USD cards

Dear customers,

Please kindly be informed that the date of restoring the card load option for USD card has been postponed from Thursday, March 1 to Monday, March 5.

All other services of the company, as well as operations with funds already loaded on the USD cards, will be made as standard.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Yours faithfully,
the ePayService Team

Terms of restoration of the card loading option for physical USD cards

The loading option for physical ePayService MasterCards® in USD will become available on March 1 from 12 PM (CET).

Due to the current inaccessibility of loading of USD cards, the monthly fee for February will not be debited.

The monthly fee for ePayService MasterCard® cards in EUR for February will be debited according to the fees.

Yours faithfully,

ePayService Team

Personal checks cashing is available again. Changes in the work of the service

Please kindly be informed that our services “Check cashing” and “iCheck” for checks issued to the details of individuals and legal entities by US banks are available again.

The process of cashing a check is the same as before: you need to mail the original check to one of our branches, or to upload scanned copies via iCheck.

There were made changes in the fees, funds clearing terms and rules of placing an assignment signature on checks.

Fees for Check cashing

– Checks issued in our company – 2.5%
– Checks issued in your name of in the name of your company – 4.5%

– Fee for the iCheck service is now the same as the fee for processing of checks issued in the name of individual or a legal entity – 4.5%
There is no additional fee for this service anymore.

Funds clearing terms:
– total amount up to 5000.00 USD – within 10 business days
– total amount exceeding 5000.00 USD – within 20 business days
The first day of term is considered the date of actual deposit

There is no need to place on the check the name of the check holder or an additional assignment signature – according to the new rules, it’s enough to place only your assignment signature on it.
All checks with an endorsement made according to the old rules should be reissued and signed according to the new rules.

Updated information about Check cashing and iCheck services, as well as new instructions, can be found in the “Check cashing” and “iCheck” tabs in your account. Please pay attention to samples of placing an assignment signature.

The service will start working at noon (CET) on Monday, February 12.

Still have questions about processing of checks? Contact us via Live Chat, email or via internal ticket system.

Best regards,

The ePayService Team

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