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Changes in the conditions for processing checks issued to customers

Dear customers,

Due to the reorganization of our checks processing procedure, starting from September 11 we temporarily suspend processing of bank checks issued in the name of our customers. These changes have also applied to the iCheck service.

We expect the procedure to be completed within the next two weeks. By the moment our checks processing service starts working as normal, new conditions for checks processing will come into effect.

What will change?

We will continue working with bank checks from Google, issued in the name of our customers.

We will completely stop working with bank checks from any other companies, except Google, issued in the name of our customers.

After the procedure is updated, you will be able to continue mailing signed original checks from Google to our branches or uploading them via iCheck as usual.

During these two weeks, the iCheck option will be active for uploading checks. We will start working with these checks after the procedure is completed. You will be additionally informed about that.

Kind regards,
The ePayService Team

Changes in the conditions for accepting bank checks

Dear customers,

Please kindly be informed that since March 26, we temporarily change the conditions for accepting bank checks.

What will change:

1. iCheck will only be available for checks in the amount up to 25,000 USD per check.

2. Checks in the amount from 25,000 USD to 200,000 USD for one check will be accepted only on the original. The check with the assignment signature on it should be sent to one of branches.

3. Check processing service for checks in the amount of 200,000 USD or more for one check will be temporarily unavailable.

Yours faithfully,
The ePayService Team

Personal checks cashing is available again. Changes in the work of the service

Please kindly be informed that our services “Check cashing” and “iCheck” for checks issued to the details of individuals and legal entities by US banks are available again.

The process of cashing a check is the same as before: you need to mail the original check to one of our branches, or to upload scanned copies via iCheck.

There were made changes in the fees, funds clearing terms and rules of placing an assignment signature on checks.

Fees for Check cashing

– Checks issued in our company – 2.5%
– Checks issued in your name of in the name of your company – 4.5%

– Fee for the iCheck service is now the same as the fee for processing of checks issued in the name of individual or a legal entity – 4.5%
There is no additional fee for this service anymore.

Funds clearing terms:
– total amount up to 5000.00 USD – within 10 business days
– total amount exceeding 5000.00 USD – within 20 business days
The first day of term is considered the date of actual deposit

There is no need to place on the check the name of the check holder or an additional assignment signature – according to the new rules, it’s enough to place only your assignment signature on it.
All checks with an endorsement made according to the old rules should be reissued and signed according to the new rules.

Updated information about Check cashing and iCheck services, as well as new instructions, can be found in the “Check cashing” and “iCheck” tabs in your account. Please pay attention to samples of placing an assignment signature.

The service will start working at noon (CET) on Monday, February 12.

Still have questions about processing of checks? Contact us via Live Chat, email or via internal ticket system.

Best regards,

The ePayService Team

More options for new currencies

System update as of 16 October 2017

Dear Users,

We are glad to inform you about extended range of operations for new currencies due to the recent update of payment options ePayService provides in Europe:

MassPayment transfers
• Mass payments to third party Mastercard® and VISA® are now available. Make a transfer to any country where Mastercard® and VISA® have their presence.

Plastic and virtual cards

• Plastic and virtual cards ePayService MasterCard in USD and EUR can now be replenished from EU-wallet in any currency.

Bank transfers within USA
• Send ACH & Direct Deposit in USD to a US-based beneficiary from any of your EU-wallets.

• Convert any available currency into WebMoney WMZ directly.

Replenish your wallets free of charge
• Top-up your wallet by Wire Transfer in any of 15 available currencies.

With best wishes of successful business,
ePayService Support Team

Processing of checks issued on the name of individuals and entities is temporary suspended

Please kindly be informed that, due to the technical issues on the side of our US check-processing service provider, as from 21 June 2017 we will not be accepting checks issued on the name of individuals and entities, inclusive of checks submitted through iCheck service.

The above temporary restriction doesn’t apply to the checks issued on our company’s name (MTACC Inc.), they will be processed as usual.

Checks received at our US office as well as checks submitted through iCheck before and on 20 June 2017 will be processed normally.

We are currently looking for an alternative solution and we will be issuing another newsletter to inform you on resuming of check acceptance process.


Q.: I have recently posted you a signed check, however, it has yet to arrive. What will happen with that check?
A.: Unfortunately, the processing of such check will be pending until an alternative solution is found

Q.: I’ve completed iCheck submission and posted the original. What will happen with that check?
A.: All the checks accepted through iCheck and awaiting for receipt of original will be credited normally once the originals arrive.

Q.: I’ve already signed my check. What can I do?
A.: You can either wait for resuming of check processing (please kindly consider check’s expiry date) or you can ask your Payer to reissue the check and cash it in the bank providing such services

Q.: My check has already been assigned a payment date. Will I be getting the payment?
A.: Please kindly contact us via your profile (here should be the link) in order to determine your check’s status.

We sincerely apologize for inconvenience caused.

Remaining at your disposal,
ePayService Support Team

Interim increase of terms for iCheck processing

Dear ePayService Users,

Please kindly be informed that the processing terms for the checks submitted through the iCheck service are temporary extended for the holiday period of October 11th to October 18th, 2016.

Within the above period the minimum iCheck processing time will be increased by 7 days.

As from 19th October 2016 iCheck procedures will be back to standard.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Remaining at your disposal,
ePayService Support Team

Suspending the acceptance of the checks issued in currencies different from USD and checks in any currency issued by the banks outside US

Dear Users,

Please kindly be informed that as from 6th October 2016 ePayService payment system will suspend the acceptance of checks issued in a currency different from USD. Checks in CAD (Canadian Dollar), EUR (Euro) and other currencies different from USD (US Dollar) will temporarily not be accepted by the system, as well as checks in any currency issued by the banks outside US.

The above applies to all the checks issued on an individual or on an entity name including checks issued on the name of our company.

The acceptance procedure for US banks checks issued in USD currency will remain unchanged.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Remaining at your disposal,
ePayService Support Team

Cessation of GBP check processing

Dear consumers and business customers!

From March 24 2016 ePayService will cease to accept bank checks issued in GBP (Great Britain pounds).

Bank checks issued in USD, EUR, CAD will continue to be accepted as normal.

We apologize for any inconvenience,

Support System, ePayService

iCheck limits are higher now!

Dear customers,

We are glad to tell you about the increasing of the limit of uploaded checks with iCheck option to $50 000!

The increasing of the limit is applied to the checks of all companies.

Please pay attention to what we are able to ask you the original of every check, that is uploaded with iCheck option.

We wish you a successful work!

Sincerely yours,

ePayService’s team

From 1St of October 2014 all ACH/DirectDeposit, Wire Transfers and banking checks issued by individual third-parties will be not accepted

Dear ePayService Clients and Partners!

We hereby inform you starting October 1st 2014 ePayService will stop accepting the following bank payments: ACH / Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer and checks issued by third parties individuals only.

These new rules will not be applied to bank payments issued by ePayService «Personal» customers from their own banking accounts.

Please note starting October 1st 2013 all incoming payments sent by individual third parties will be returned back to the senders minus our standard commission processing fees.

All incoming bank payments ACH / Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer and bank checks issued by companies (legal entities) will be accepted as usual.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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