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ePayService MasterCard Replacement Program

Dear customers and partners!

We are delighted to announce the completion of ePayService MasterCard updating program.

New Prepaid MasterCard ePayService cards issued within the period starting from the 1st of May 2016 are EMV-chipped and provide stronger transactions security. Furthermore, the card currency now has two basic options – USD and EUR.

By virtue of updated API our clients got a possibility of transferring funds from EMV-chipped card account back to ePayService account. Such a transaction can be submitted live at Online.ePayServices.

PIN-code for EMV-chipped card can now be changed through your account at Online.ePayServices, as well as at any ATM supporting EMV-technology.

And last but not least – no more monthly fee for the use of active card! Just as you wish us to do.

Our scheduled card replacement program commenced on the 1st of May 2016 and it is about to end. For the moment 80% of our clients have got their new cards. In case if you haven’t received your EMV-chipped card for some reason, please apply for the new Prepaid MasterCard ePayService card in USD or EUR currency using the page “My orders & Services” in your account at Online.ePayServices or contact our Support Team creating a ticket.

New card fees and limits:

• Card Issue – Free;

• Monthly Fee – Not Applicable;

• Annual Fee – Not Applicable;

• Card Load – Free;

• Daily Limit (load/withdrawal and purchases):

– up to 5,000 USD for the Standard Card;

– up to 10,000 USD for the Premium Card;

• ATM Withdrawal – 1.5 USD;

• Card Load Limit – 10 transactions per 24 hours;

• ATM Withdrawal Limit – per transaction – 3 000 USD;

• Withdrawal Transactions Limit:

– 15 for the Standard Card;

– 30 for the Premium Card;

• Balance Request at ATM – 0.50 USD;

• Declined Card Transaction (for any reason) – 0.50 USD;

• Standard Mail Delivery – FREE.

We wish you productive work.


Team ePayService

Changes to procedure of transfer of card balance from expired, closed, blocked cards​

Dear customers,

Please note that from May 16th 2016 the transfer of card balances from cards that are expired, closed, blocked AND with the remainder below $10.00 USD, to new cards, will be impossible due to the technical features of the process.

Thus, if the card balance of the closed, locked or expired card is less than $10.00 USD it will not be transferred to the account of the new card.

In this regard, we strongly recommend you to withdraw all money from the card before the end of the period of validity.

Thank you,
Support Team, ePayService

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