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iCheck limits are higher now!

Dear customers,

We are glad to tell you about the increasing of the limit of uploaded checks with iCheck option to $50 000!

The increasing of the limit is applied to the checks of all companies.

Please pay attention to what we are able to ask you the original of every check, that is uploaded with iCheck option.

We wish you a successful work!

Sincerely yours,

ePayService’s team

ePayService’s TOTP Authorization: comfortable and easy

Dear customers!

We are glad to present you the new authentication method for your accounts in Online.ePayService – TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) token, that is able to download on every smartphone.

This protection mechanism is high-reliable, and is a great alternative of the SMS verification code method, and QR-code method.

How to download and use:

1) In “Profile” tab of your account in Online.ePayService choose the new authorization method: TOTP-token;

After that, you should download one of those applications:

• Google Authenticator (Android/iPhone)
• Duo Mobile (Android/iPhone)
• Authenticator (Windows Phone 7)

2) Scan the QR-code in the downloads of your profile using the application;

This QR-code you need to scan only once. You don’t have to scan this code later, to enter your account.

3) After the initialization, the application on your smartphone will start to generate a temporary one-time six-digit codes, every time you need to enter the account, or confirm the transactions.

The important information: TOTP application works offline!

Best regards,

ePayService Team

Happy New Year 2015!

From 1St of October 2014 all ACH/DirectDeposit, Wire Transfers and banking checks issued by individual third-parties will be not accepted

Dear ePayService Clients and Partners!

We hereby inform you starting October 1st 2014 ePayService will stop accepting the following bank payments: ACH / Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer and checks issued by third parties individuals only.

These new rules will not be applied to bank payments issued by ePayService «Personal» customers from their own banking accounts.

Please note starting October 1st 2013 all incoming payments sent by individual third parties will be returned back to the senders minus our standard commission processing fees.

All incoming bank payments ACH / Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer and bank checks issued by companies (legal entities) will be accepted as usual.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Happy New Year 2014!

Merry Christmas 2014!

First stage of EU integration!

Dear Clients and Partners,

We are glad to announce that the ePayService payment system has started the first stage of its integration into the European market. Over the past 6 years of hard work we have built the bridge between the US and CIS countries in the field of international payments. We haven’t paid due attention to the European region though, so now we are going to change this for the better. Working within the frames of the European region will help us enhance the quality of our services and reduce the costs of international financial operations.

ePayService broadens the geography for your business online!

Therefore, from August 19, 2013 we introduce the new banking details for US bank transfers (ACH/DirectDeposit) and international money transfers (Wire Transfer) in USD and EUR.

We strongly suggest that you use the new details information for Wire Transfers and ACH/DirectDeposit from now on.

The new payment details will allow us to accept bank transfers in EUR with no further conversion required. In addition, it allows for faster US transfers recognition which will significantly reduce the number of unidentified payments.

The new payment details are available in your Online.ePayService account.

We would like to draw your attention that the banking details for ACH/DirectDeposit and international transfers in USD and EUR are different from now on.

Best regards,
ePayService Team

Happy New Year 2013!

epayservices new year

10,000 Active ePayService Users in January 2013!

epayservices 10k active users
Coming New Year 2013 will be a special year for our company as we are expecting a registration of our 10,000th active user in the first half of January 2013.
We are happy that professionals all around the world are actively using our payment services to increase their business efficiency. We appreciate the fact that our service provides benefits to the online community.

To share our joy of the results obtained we would like to give a present to our newest user in January 2013 who becomes our 10,000th registered user.

Apple iPad Mini 16Gb Wi-Fi + Cellular with ePayService trademark engraving.

Please remember that registration in our system is open and free of charge.

You might be the one to become our milestone user!

ePayService mobile application for Google Android

Dear customers,

We are glad to announce that the mobile version of the ePayService payment system is now available for setting and using in Google Play.

e-wallet payment solution for internet

ePayService application is a mobile alternative to the ePayService desktop version, which allows you to:

  • Make money transfers between the users of the ePayService system;
  • Send money and checks with a pre-established template;
  • Perform instant money transfers onto the linked WebMoney Z-wallet.

Account Balance & Exchange Rates
Due to ePayService application, you will always know the current status of your ePayService account.

ATM (Bancomat) Map
An interactive map will help you to find the nearest ATMs in major cities of the CIS countries. You can get detailed information about the location and maximum limits for one-time withdrawal of money. The uniqueness of this feature is that the base of available ATMs is updated bilaterally: either with our team of developers or users of the system.

ePayService Helpdesk Support in Your Pocket
ePayService application makes our support service even more accessible. Now you can get an answer to your question with the help of your Android smartphone.

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